How to earn money on daraz in 2022

How to Earn Money on Daraz in 2022

The app has become the most popular place to shop in Pakistan, with millions of products available in the Daraz marketplace. Users can buy products at amazing discounts and bundle deals. Here are some tips for earning money on Daraz. Become a Daraz entrepreneur. Earn money through the Daraz app in 2022 by starting a product or affiliate marketing business. There are many ways to earn money on Daraz, so get started today!

Online earning apps

In the present world, there are many ways to earn money online, including through affiliate programs and using a website or app. The In the case of Daraz, these opportunities include selling products, playing games, and even offering rewards. In addition, if you have a smartphone or other device, you can use this website or app to earn extra money. However, before taking advantage of this opportunity, it’s best to understand its working.

Affiliate marketing

In Nepal, affiliate marketing has recently become a big business. This is because the ecommerce platform Daraz has recently launched an affiliate program. By becoming an affiliate, you can start promoting products on the Daraz website and earn money for every sale that comes through your link. There are several ways to start earning from affiliate marketing, including promoting products on social media channels and blogs. Here’s how.

Mobile trade-up

The acquisition of Daraz by Alibaba in 2018 brought a lot of changes to the e-commerce landscape in Nepal. While the e-commerce landscape in Nepal was already thriving, the entry of the Chinese e-commerce giant into the country captured the attention of business houses. The company’s entry into the local market also contributed to the overall development of the e-commerce industry in Nepal.

Product upload

If you are wondering how to earn money on Daraz in 2022, read this article to find out! It is possible to earn money from home with an easy-to-use app! First, you should register on the Daraz seller sign up page. After you register, you must complete the seller sign-up form and receive payments. After that, you must upload your products and submit them for sale.

7-day return period

Customers of Daraz will enjoy a seven-day return period in 2022, thanks to a new policy introduced in the middle of the last year. This free return policy will allow customers to return items within 7 days of receiving them. In order to return products, customers must simply pack them back and include the order number and RA number. This can be obtained by sending an SMS to the customer’s phone number. Once the RA number has been received, the customer can wait for a courier partner to pick up their package and drop it off at the warehouse.


Writing reviews

Write product reviews for Daraz and you could earn a few bucks every day! Daraz has an affiliate program that pays $10 for each review you write. If you live in Bangladesh, Pakistan or Sri Lanka, you can join. If you do not live in those countries, there are many other affiliate programs available. Here are some of them. You can find one in your country and apply! The process is simple, and you can earn money on Daraz right away!